The Great Cate Haight

Jim and Teal are back hosting an exclusive interview with Emmy-nominated film and television editor, Catherine Haight. Catherine’s credits include editing work on Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle and New Girl. She is also the editor of films such as Afternoon Delight, Polka King, Puzzle, and the upcoming comedy, Troop Zero.

Listen in to Catherine tell Jim and Teal about her film influences, her journey from production assistant to full-time film editor, and how she exercises her craft.


Circles of Confusion, E.T. and Movies Your Daughters Should See

In this episode: Jim continues with his struggle of movies shot on digital before he and Teal look back to the summer of 1982 when E.T. The Extra Terrestrial was all the rage. Next, Teal laments that Hollywood does not have an overwhelming output of movies with female leads. As a father of two daughters, this poses a dilemma when they want to see movies with a strong female-driven narrative. Jim and Teal offer up a host of films for all of you listeners in the same predicament. This one-hour episode is chocked with recommendations.


Luke Perry and the Epic Tale of Seeing The Doors

What does the passing of Luke Perry have to do with the 1991 Oliver Stone classic, The Doors? Let’s listen in as Jim and Teal make the connection for us. They take you back to March 1st, 1991, and opening day of The Doors at the legendary Ziegfeld Theater in NYC. What starts out as an innocent trip uptown, becomes a film endurance test.

After the story, stay tuned as Jim catches up with a Teal recommendation, Blue Ruin. It’s another revenge-thriller. Will Jim rise from the ashes and give it a thumb’s up? Listen and find out!


There’s Something About Green Book

Jim and Teal are back with their final take on this year’s Academy Awards. Where do they stand on this year’s big winner? We’ll give you a hint: it isn’t one of their favorites. Listen to what they have to say as they compare this year against the 1990 Academy Awards where Driving Miss Daisy was the evening’s big winner.