Jim’s Top Ten Films of 2018

For one reason or another, I was able to see a good chunk of 2018 movies, and I feel confident enough to throw down a top ten list. Films are subjective, and lists are arbitrary. Even in my final decisions, the order changes daily. Sometimes my initial reaction to a movie I’ve seen increases days after the viewing, and other times it wanes. Talk to me in a year from now, and two or three films I’ve yet to catch up on might easily replace titles on the list you are about to receive.


The Oscars get it wrong – again!

What in the holy hand grenade of Antioch is The Academy of Motion Pictures doing now? Their never-ending quest to stem the tide of declining ratings is tied to a Baby Huey-sized anchor around its neck that is choking the life out of the yearly event. They have lost total sight of the fact that awards shows, while not quite a thing of the past, are not something today’s world needs the way it used to. Sure, everyone complains about the show’s length. It frequently goes to four hours, and no one seems to be sure why. Even when the Academy makes a silly decision such as relegating the honorary award tributes to a separate ceremony, they gain nothing in shortened time length. Instead, they fill the show with lame stunts designed to go ‘viral’ that mostly don’t work, and they spend time showing scenes from all 8-10 Best Picture


The Empire Strikes Back in a Big Way

Jim’s Adventures in 70mm:

In the spring of 1980, as it was practice for many kids my age, I counted the days until the release of the second Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back. At least one to two hours each day was devoted to thoughts of the new Star Wars film dancing through the daydreams of my ten-year-old brain. Star Wars was personal love affair for me at the time, as I am sure it was for plenty of other children. But I knew I was the number-one Star Wars fan in the world, and George Lucas was making this film to please me.