1917 and Jim and Teal’s Top Ten Films of 2019

The Top Ten Films of 2019. To make such a list it is essential that one sees all the big films mentioned in the conversation. Jim and Teal made it their mission to do just that. And when you live in small film markets like they do, it isn’t easy. This week Jim went on a mission to catch up with two films he missed, Jo Jo Rabbit and Knives Out. And Teal finally saw 1917. Jim wasn’t as over the moon as Sasha Stone from Awards Daily is for the movie, but what did Teal think about the WWI epic? Did it make his top ten list? Well, it may have made one of his lists, but maybe not the one you’d expect. Trust us, you won’t want to miss what Teal has to say about it. And after hearing his comments, you may have a hard time defending this movie. But what you’ll really want to tune into this episode for is the top tens. What films did Jim and Teal both enjoy enough to include as their very best of the year? Did they agree on some films? Do some of their picks align with the Academy? What movie makes Teal’s list that took Jim by surprise? It’s all waiting for you in this awesome episode of Stuff We’ve Seen. Enjoy!