When Harry Met… Blue Valentine? Inappropriate Double Features.

Jim and Teal kick off this episode with the time-honored tradition of seeing two movies, back-to-back. Jim worshiped drive-in double features. For Teal, watching two movie rentals at the video store was his passion. What is your favorite way to view a double bill? What if a double feature is thematically linked, but one is so clearly an inappropriate match, it’s a challenge to watch them one after the other? Need some help thinking of pairs? Don’t worry: Jim and Teal have you covered. Spend an hour with Jim and Teal, laughing along at their cringe-worthy pairings. These couplings may make you laugh, but you will be hard pressed to disagree; these are inappropriate double features all the way. Listen to the episode and then send us your comments as to what you think makes a great inappropriate double-feature.