Maclunkey: Greedo Special Deluxe Anniversary Edition

Maclunkey, they’ve done it again. Greedo did not shoot first. He was the innocent victim of a corrupt, self-serving, two-bit smuggler that drops his shipments at the first sign of an Imperial Destroyer. We all understand this, right? Jim and Teal get into the whole Maclunkey debacle of the latest tinkering of their childhood memories. Also, in this episode: Jim sees most of the Midsommar director’s cut. Find out what his thoughts are, and why director’s cuts are often more interesting than they are necessary. Mild spoilers from the 25-36 minute mark. If you haven’t seen Midsommar or the director’s cut, and don’t want any spoilers, skip through this portion. What else? Teal saw Blinded By The Light and Crawl. Krull? No CRAWL!!! Jim gives his thoughts on Good Boys and Booksmart. Looking for comedies to watch at home? These two films may be good bets. Finally, Jim got to check out The Irishman early in the theater. He provides a non-spoiler take on the film, and urges Teal to watch it on Netflix. All this, and some more PT Anderson teasing on this episode, taped on the 1-year anniversary of the official launch of Stuff We’ve Seen.