Nic Cage Busts The Volume Knob

Nigel Tufnel may like his amp volume turned up to 11, but in the 2018 film, Mandy, Nic Cage cranks the insanity beyond that number and breaks the knob. 

In this episode, Jim and Teal pay homage to two movie legends, composer Michel Legrand, and character actor Dick Miller. After, Jim and Teal focus their attentions on the revenge genre, and one of its most extreme examples, Mandy.

Mandy may not be for everyone, but for fans of those 80s midnight cult films, this one could be your next obsession.

Jim and Teal carefully thread the needle to avoid major spoilers, but they will make sure to guide you on a safe path on how to view this insane exercise in psychedelic movie mayhem!

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