Under The Silver Lake: Jim and Teal Unravel the Mystery.

It’s been a while since a film’s come around steeped in so much mystery. Many people are discovering this odd gem from A24 films, yet few have been able to decode all of the clues and answer definitively what director, David Robert Mitchell, is up to. Jim and Teal take a whack with this deep-dive episode of Under The Silver Lake. They discuss many of the theories people have about this loopy Los Angeles Neon Noir, and pose a daring theory of their own. Stuff We’ve Seen invites you to take a trip down the rabbit hole, and immerse yourself in an unreliable world of conspiracies, puzzles, cults, and hidden pop-culture meanings. Brace yourself for Under The Silver Lake.

**Warning!** Under The Silver Lake is a film with many mysteries to uncover and puzzles to solve. This episode is filled with spoilers and is recommended for those who have seen the movie, and are looking for a deep dive. UTSL is now streaming on Amazon Prime. We suggest watching the film, and then get set to have your mind blown by our far-out assessment. You may just want to go back and watch the film a second, or third time!

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