Buzzard: And Other Movies From The Streaming Underground.

Jim and Teal are back this week with an episode filled with recent streaming action. First: Jim mentions a couple of quick hits, Operation Finale and Northern Soul. Then Teal presents his hidden gem of the week, Buzzard (2015.) This low-budget indie from director Joel Potrykus scratches Teal where he itches.

Jim feels the pressure to match Teal with an Amazon Prime streaming oddity of his own. His pick? Another bizarre low-budget indie called Los Angeles Overnight. Is this bizarre caper flick worth your time? Jim provides answers.

Somewhere in the midst of all this excitement, Jim reveals a viewing that is so bad, he considers it the worst film he’s made it all the way to the end of. If that doesn’t get your curiosity going, nothing will.

Wrapping things up, Jim and Teal discuss Widows and John Wick 3. Jim finally caught up with Widows and Teal got his Wick on. Find out what each one thinks.

There’s a lot of film stuff discussion in one super-sized episode. Set your podcast phasers on stun.

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