Los Angeles Overnight: More Tales From the Streaming Underground.

Jim and Teal are back with more tales from the streaming service underground. A few weeks back, they discussed a couple of hidden gems, Buzzard and Los Angeles Overnight, both available to stream on Amazon Prime. At that time, Teal had not seen Los Angeles Overnight, but now he has, and the boys spend some quality time discussing this quirky low-budget Los Angeles Neo-Noir.

Dreams are not always for sale in Los Angeles.

Arielle Brachfeld is a an actress on the fringes of Los Angeles, who uses her hypnotherapy lessons to decode the whereabouts of a stash of hidden loot. Will her dreams of stardom come true, or will ill-gotten gains be the start of the end? Australian filmmaker, Michael Chrisoulakis makes his feature debut with this quirky oddball that might just become your next hidden gem.

Also on the program, Jim discusses another early 80s sex comedy, The Beach Girls. Is there a reason no one has ever heard of this Skinamax classic? Come for the coked-out nonsense, and stay for the talking bag of pot. This film has everything: Pizza boys, delivery men, bare-chested women, sea pirates with actual eye patches, millionaires, nosey neighbors, creepy gardeners, and more white people than you can shake a stick at. You may find yourself heading to Amazon Prime tonight.

Wait, what’s that? Are Jim and Teal about to get into an argument over the new Joker movie? Let the sparks fly.

Finally, get Teal’s take on the second season of Mindhunter. It’s all going down on this episode

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