The Lighthouse, Ford V Ferrari, and Post Oscar Nominations

The Lighthouse is a film Jim caught in theaters, but did not want to talk about in too much detail until Teal saw it. Teal’s seen it, and now the two were ready to discuss this mind-bending black & white odyssey.

But first, what’s the scuttlebutt since the Oscar nominations were announced? Jim provided Teal with all the social media twitter outrage, and what film looks like it will take the crown. Is it a 2-horse race, or is one pony ahead of everyone else?

Another film Teal caught up with was Ford V Ferrari, and Jim and Teal discussed its merits as a Hollywood film done right.

And time is running out to catch the Criterion Channel’s 1970 SciFi filmathon. Jim saw another odd gem that he’d never seen before, God Told Me To, by schlock master, Larry Cohen. Find out why Jim thinks it is worth your time.

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