Academy Award Best Picture Nominees of the 90’s: Part I

With social distancing still all the rage, Jim and Teal decided to go epic with a super-long 90 minute episode. 

To kick things off the boys discussed the merits of streaming new releases on demand for $20. Is this something you’ve done? Jim and Teal think the price point may be a bit too high, but they are certainly curious about it.

The main event this week is Jim and Teal’s continuation of Academy Award Best Picture nominees and winners. The 90s saw some great films, several of which have gone on to become movie classics. Which ones do Jim and Teal agree with the Academy on?

Because this was such a formidable decade for our fellow film enthusiasts, Jim and Teal only make it through the first half of the decade. But there are plenty of titles discussed, and if you are looking to catch up on a noted film from the 90s, this is a good chance to hear what Jim and Teal have to say before you hit your streaming services. Good luck!

Be on the lookout for the second installment of the 90s coming soon!

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