Netflix and Chill with Jim and Teal. 1984’s Red Dawn

Netflix and Chill. That time honored tradition is about to get a little more interesting. Jim and Teal decide to get into the act with their first movie watch-a-long commentary.

Why did they decide on Red Dawn? Who knows. Maybe because it is an artifact from the 80s, the first PG13 film, and definitely a staple of Reagan-era coming-of-age movies. No matter the reason, Jim and Teal invite you to experience this film with them. 

How do you do this? Okay. First–go to Netflix and set your phasers on Red Dawn. Start the movie and pause. Find a way to play this episode on some speakers or headphones. When we say play on on the podcast, hit play on Netflix and you can experience the film in real-time with us.

Now, there is no movie audio on our podcast so you will experience pauses here and there. If you want the full experience, make sure to play Red Dawn on your own. Is the commentary still enjoyable without watching the movie? Sure. Why not. Have a blast. We can’t stop you. But it is probably way more enjoyable to listen along with the movie.

Have fun! And hey, send us your thoughts on the episode to We want to know if this is worth doing again, or was once enough!

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