The Murder of George Floyd and The Rise of Authoritarianism

The murder of George Floyd, and the subsequent outcry of anger towards the never-ending systemic racism and aggression against people of color at the hands of institutions sworn to protect and serve us weighed heavy on Jim and Teal’s minds. The government’s response towards peaceful protests was something Jim and Teal could not ignore. So, on this week’s episode, Jim and Teal veered from their normal format and opened the show with some thoughts about the latest chapter in America’s 400-year struggle for equality and justice for people of color.

The second half of the show features a few films detailing various injustices by governments, and fascist atrocities of WW2. Teal discusses a few new film’s he’s caught on streaming to end the program.

We promise a return to our normal format for future episodes, but current events were too important to ignore this week.

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