The Devil All the Time and The Cotton Club Gets an Encore

Netflix surprised Jim with a new offering, The Devil All the Time. Filled to the rim with white English and Australian actors playing Southern white characters from the late 1950s through mid 1960s this Southern Gothic offers a lot. But what does Teal have to say? That is the question for you, the podcast listener. Jim gives it an enthusiastic recommendation, but is Teal on board? Is he? Is he? One thing is for sure, both give high marks to the bonkers character turn by Robert Pattinson, who is turning out to be one of America’s…I mean, England’s best actors.

Everything Old is New Again

First up, though is Francis Ford Coppola’s 1984 misfire, The Cotton Club, gets a new look thanks to a complete reworking done in 2019. Now available on Amazon Prime and other streaming services, Jim and Teal checked out Coppola’s latest effort to re-imagine one of his earlier films, and talk about its problematic history. Does this new version come closer to the classic people envisioned when they first heard about the project?

The scariest effect in movies circa 1984 is Diane Lane’s eye shadow.

All this, plus Jim and Teal discuss the current state of cinema going. With the recent stateside failure of Tenet to get people into the theater, is this the end of moving going in the US?

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