Teal and Jim Give You the Feels

With the Coronavirus still controlling our lives, and an election that is hell-bent on destroying our will, and doesn’t ever seem to want to get here, Teal and Jim sure could use a lift. This week’s episode is devoted to viewing experiences that make you feel something, and that something is something good.

First up is My Octopus Teacher. Jim mentioned it a couple of episodes ago, and Teal watched it. Did it give Teal the feels? You bet it did.

Enola Holmes is on Netflix. It’s no Birdbox. This one gave Jim the family movie watching feels. He recommends.

The main event for this week is director Richard Linklater’s 2014 film, Boyhood. Twelve years in the making, the movie could have been more more than an interesting experiment, but Linklater turned it into a profound mediation on the formative years of the childhood experience. Jim praised it as the best film of the decade, but Teal missed out. He knew it might make him feel some things, and he wasn’t ready. The Criterion Channel is currently offering Boyhood with a host of supplemental materials, so now is the perfect time to catch up on this masterwork of American film.

Teal did catch up, and he and Jim spend the majority of this episode discussing the movie. Was the Boyhood experience worth the wait? You’ll just have to take a listen and find out for yourself.

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