You Don’t Know Jack! Nicholson vs The Academy.

Several episodes ago, Jim and his guest, Bill from Queens, discussed the many film roles of Meryl Streep and wondered which of her performances deserved the Academy’s attention. Now it’s Jack Nicholson’s turn. Jim and Teal look at all the iconic performances of Nicholson and decided which ones deserved nominations, and which performances should have received a nomination. But first…

The Vampire Lovers

Jim did not complete all of the 1970s Criterion Horror films, but that did not stop him from one last trip down Hammer Studios Lane. This week’s episode kicks off with Jim’s telling of a bawdy soft-core adventure featuring Ingrid Pitt’s vengeful vampire, and a whole lot of lusty victims for her to sink her fake fangs into.

On The Rocks

Apple + is home to Sofia Coppola’s latest film, starring Rashida Jones and the BFM himself, Bill Murray. It’s great to see Murray back on the screen again, albeit the small screen, with a role that gives him plenty of moments to shine. But is this movie Coppola’s best since Lost in Translation? Not by a long shot. Jim and Teal share their mixed feelings, but still give a minor recommendation if you need something to enjoy.

What else?

In this super-sized episode there is plenty of laughs, and a few impressions, to enjoy, plus Teal goes dumpster diving into the world of Netflix streaming and comes up with a 1BR.

Enjoy the episode. After a long election (which doesn’t seem to want to end) we think people could use a little escape.

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