WW84, Midnight Sky, and Losey, Losey, Losey!

Caution: Blockbuster Stinkers Ahead!

This first episode of 2021 starts off with a couple of streaming stinkers, WW84, and Midnight Sky. WW84 is HBOMax’s much anticipated sequel to Wonder Woman, and it hits so far off the mark the movie left Jim wondering who green lit this thing? From the shoddy special effects, to the messy script, to the never-ending series of bad decisions, the sequel to the one recent DC Comics film Jim liked took all its good will and cashed it in on this over-stuffed loser.

We Don’t Need Another Space Movie

Well, we certainly don’t need another space movie as bad as Midnight Sky. While Jim hated the Wonder Woman sequel, Teal found plenty to gripe about with George Clooney’s Midnight Sky. Clooney started off his directorial career with the surprisingly good, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and then followed that up with the Oscar Nominated, Good Night and Good Luck. Since then, it’s been head-scratching time. Teal can’t figure out what went wrong with Clooney as a director, and Jim doesn’t know what interested Clooney to make this film in the first place.

And Then There was Joseph Losey

All is not lost, dear listener. Bill from Queens stopped by the show to help Jim and Teal out with a discussion on film director, Joseph Losey. Flying way under the appreciated film director radar, Losey directed some classic films, and for the first time Jim and Teal caught up with them. A special shout out to listener, Andrew Parry, who wrote Jim and Teal and asked if they would discuss Losey’s The Servant (1963) and Mr. Klein (1976.) And boy, oh boy, were they glad for the suggestion. While the new offerings from hollywood might let them down, discovering Losey is a film-lover’s dream. 

It’s a jam-packed episode with lots of movies. Several of Joseph Losey’s offerings can be found currently on the Criterion Channel, and some on Amazon Prime as well.

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