Nightmare on Elm Street 3, Ghost Story, and Other Tales From the Original Dream Warrior, Craig Wasson.

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Ghost Story. Body Double. These are a few of the iconic genre films from the 1980s people remember, and on part 2 of SWS’s interview with Craig Wasson he tells us stories from all of three of them. And tune in to find out which host, James or Teal, had a crush on Heather Langenkamp.

Mens Club Director’s Cut?

Maybe not so well known is the 1986 Peter Medak film, The Men’s Club, which started a whole host of name actors, including Wasson. The film was not critically well-received at the time, and did not fare well at the box office. Teal saw it back in the 80s during his video store clerk days, and James only recently caught up with the film. It isn’t a great film, but Wasson provided some details about entire opening portion of the movie that got scrapped in editing, which explains a lot of why the film doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Bum Rap

In 1988 Wasson starred in a little-seen independent movie called Bum Rap. It never received a proper theatrical release, and a decent print of the movie does not exist to rent or own, but James caught up with it via YouTube, where you can check it out. Perfect movie? Maybe not, but it is an opportunity to watch Craig get to perform a wide range of emotions as a struggling actor dealing with a unique personal challenge: how to spend the last 72 hours of one’s life. Check it out here.

Bum Rap (1988)

In addition to movies, Wasson is also an accomplished musician and narrator for books, including many Stephen King and James Elroy novels. It was an absolute pleasure having Craig be with us for two episodes and we look forward to having him on again. If you missed the first part of our interview with Craig Wasson, catch up with it here.

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