Jim and Teal’s 3rd Annual Oscar Nomination Episode

The 93rd Academy Award nominations were announced this morning. It’s one of the latest ever announcements due to the pandemic, and lack of films released in 2020. For that reason the Academy extended the eligibility period, and here we are. Jim revealed all of the Academy’s choices to Teal, who kept himself in the dark on the nominees in order to be surprised.

Jim usually edits down the podcast episodes, but in order to get the Oscar nominations out fresh to you the listener, he and Teal went unedited for this special episode. Hope your favorite film of 2020 got nominated. Certainly some good choices to go along with a few questionable ones. And in this episode you’ll learn just how much Teal does not like The Trial of the Chicago Seven. It’s kind of hilarious.

Okay, listener, have at it. Enjoy the show and let us know what your thoughts were on the Oscar nominations this year.


  1. good episode! please check out Another Round, its a great film. Agreed with Glenn Close nom, what a joke!

    1. Andrew,
      My hope is by our next taping we’ll have seen Another Round. I am a half hour into it, and I like it so far!

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