Six Underground: Jim and Teal Take on Michael Bay

For Jim and Teal’s third Netflix teleparty they decided to break down the bombastic, mean-spirited, over-corporatized action clunker, Six Underground. If you want lots of quick cuts, slow-mo’s, blaring rock tunes, and insipid dialogue you get Michael Bay to direct. And if you think you are going to cash in on the meta-violent action fun of Deadpool you hire the Deadpool screenwriters and star Ryan Reynolds.

If you’re curious about this movie, and we know you are, why not watch it the way it was meant to be watched, with Jim and Teal? Simply press play on Netflix at the same time Jim and Teal tell you to on the podcast and then listen along as they tear this film a new one. But guess what? You might just have a blast, and that is what Jim and Teal found out. It’s fun to grab a pal and make fun of a $200 million dollar Netflix movie.

So go get streaming, young film enthusiast. You deserve some yuks.

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