Neo Noir Part 4: The Final Chapter

Hah, just like good old Friday the 13th, they promised us it would end at 4, and they lied! This episode is the 4th installment of our look at The Criterion Channel’s 26-film Neo Noir series, but we will still bring you one more chapter next week. So look out for Film Noir Part 5: The New Blood, streaming soon.

But on this week’s show Jim and his guest for this series, Bill Muir, pick up pretty much where they left off–in 1984. They touch on Brian De Palma’s Body Double, and then work their way into the early 90s. Lot’s of additional films along the way, including one of the best Neo Noir films of the 1980s, To Live and Die in LA.

So, so much to offer you faithful listener on this episode. Get ready to become a Neo Noir expert.

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