An Evening with Mike McQuilkin: The Suicide Squad for Dinner and Hudson Hawk for Dessert

When guest co-host Mike McQuilkin stops by Stuff We’ve Seen, anything can happen and usually does. Things kick off with a discussion on the new James Gunn film, The Suicide Squad. Next Jim and Mike discuss the new Nic Cage film, Pig, and then dive into a little informal A24 gab fest chat around The Green Knight.

Finally, it’s time for an early 90s re-evaluation on the mega-bust, Hudson Hawk. Wait. Re-eval? Hudson Hawk? Surely you must be joking. We’re not joking, and don’t call us Shirley. Mike sticks to his guns on his modest appreciation for this overblown mess, but Jim is having none of it. Lots of laughs in store for you. Enjoy Hawk fans. We know you’re out there.

For those on the go who don’t have time to listen to the entire podcast episode, or for those wanting a little something extra and different, we offer two webcast clips of this week’s show. Below you’ll find our segment on The Suicide Squad, and also our talk on Hudson Hawk. But for the complete conversation, you’ll want to hear the entire podcast. Enjoy, film lovers!

Hudson Hawk

The Suicide Squad

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