Shadow in The Cloud and Wolf of Snow Hollow

It’s a week of genre excitement as Jim and Teal break down the horror comedy film, Wolf of Snow Hollow by Jim Cummings, and then take a dive into the ‘jump the shark’ waters of c-grade movie entertainment with the action/horror WW2 bomber-themed Shadow in the Cloud. What starts out as an intriguing bottle movie quickly dissolves into an over-the-top action film that defies all levels of believability. Chloe Grace Moretz tries her best to salvage the wreckage, but there is no pulling this plane out of the nose dive. And if things weren’t bad enough, Jim and Teal discover the film’s screenwriter is Max Landis, bad boy son of director John Landis. You don’t want to miss what Jim and Teal have to say about that. But here is one vessel that wasn’t sinking, Captain Phillips. Teal caught up with the 2013 Paul Greengrass action thriller, and Jim did