Lawrence of Arabia – The Way Things Used To Be

There will be weeks where Jim and Teal cannot synch their schedules together to tape a regular episode of the show. This is one of those weeks. But don’t despair! This week we bring you a bonus 13-minute episode. It’s time for another one of Jim’s adventures in 70mm. Previous installments are written stories, and can be found on this site. This adventure is Jim’s first as an audio episode. Today Jim takes you back thirty years to February of 1989, when his Uncle Phil took him to see the restoration of Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm. Enjoy! Play the episode:


The Empire Strikes Back in a Big Way

Jim’s Adventures in 70mm:

In the spring of 1980, as it was practice for many kids my age, I counted the days until the release of the second Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back. At least one to two hours each day was devoted to thoughts of the new Star Wars film dancing through the daydreams of my ten-year-old brain. Star Wars was personal love affair for me at the time, as I am sure it was for plenty of other children. But I knew I was the number-one Star Wars fan in the world, and George Lucas was making this film to please me.