Cinerama Dome Memories: Jim and Teal Look Back at a Theater Icon.

The Cinerama Dome is no more. Well, at least for the moment it is no more, and Jim and Teal certainly hope there are more film screenings in its future. But for now, The Cineramadome is shuttered.

Jim and Teal take a fond look back at the Cinerama Dome and their own personal histories seeing movies in the fabled Hollywood film palace where widescreen movies once reigned supreme. 

This week Jim and Teal take one final peak at some Oscar nominated films with their reviews of The Father, and Another Round. Jim talked about Another Round with Bill from Queens a couple of episodes ago, but now Teal’s caught up with it, and has a few things to say.

Is The Father worth all the hubbub? Jim and Teal have a slight disagreement with one enjoying it a lot more than the other. Which one found issues with the way it was filmed? It’s time to listen in and find out.

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