93rd Academy Awards Oscar Wrap Up

If Billy Crystal were singing it’s a good bet he wasn’t singing, ‘It’s a Wonderful Night for Oscar,’ after Sunday night’s bizarre pandemic-limited ceremony. So many blunders occurred that night, that hate it or just not willing to say you hated it, the Academy Awards could not overcome a year in which many big Hollywood films never released, and the typical yuks and attempts at comedy were sidelined.

What did we get instead? A whole lot of long, long, speeches, and very little in the way of entertainment. But what about the awards themselves? Jim and Teal have the entire breakdown, and the majority of this episode is devoted to discussing the Academy Awards for the last time until…next week? Are the 2022 Oscars next week? It feels like it should be time to start that train up again. Kidding. But only slightly.

What else? Stay through the entire episode to catch Teal’s take on the Bob Odenkirk-starring action-genre film, Nobody. Jim mentioned last week he loved it. But what does Teal think? You’ll have to listen to find out. 

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