What Happened Was…A Fantastic Trip to the Indie 90s

What Happened Was… from 1994 is that hidden indie gem from the 1990s is that is worth a rediscovery. This week on Stuff We’ve Seen, Jim and guest co-host, Bill from Queens discuss Writer/Director/Star Tom Noonan’s 2-character bottle movie with a breakout performance by actress Karen Sillas. Both Jim and Bill agree that Sillas’ performance is one of the best of the 1990s.

Along with this discussion Jim and Bill do some Hopkins and Nolte impressions, and dive into the gambling underbelly with Robert Altman’s California Split. Both California Split and What Happened Was…are playing this month on The Criterion Channel.

What else? Well…every time Bill from Queens stops by to co-host an episode there are always some form of shenanigans to be had, and this time Jimmy and Billy duke it out with their Anthony Hopkins and Nick Nolte impersonations. Lots of fun stuff so get listening!

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