Avengers: End Game of Thrones (Parabellum Hadron Gospel Hour Edition.)

Jim and Teal tackle the final installments of two global phenomenons, and the third chapter of a new one. Helping out is Jim and Teal’s special guest, Michael McQuilkin. Michael’s the costar and co-creator of the hit podcast series, Hadron Gospel Hour. First Jim grills Michael on the status of the long-awaited third season of Hadron Gospel Hour. Next up, is a trip back to 1982 where the Skeksis’ screech, and arms are ripped off faster than you can say, Nastassja Kinski. Finally, why did one franchise ending, The Avengers, receive universal fan acclaim, while another, Game of Thrones met with fan furor? One series that does please the boys is John Wick. What’s John got up his sleeve that’s so appealing? Get ready for one exciting hour of updates, debates, laughter, and movie memories!