Much Ado About Joker

It’s the film everyone is talking about, so how could Jim and Teal let the opportunity pass by to discuss Todd Phillips’ new film Joker? Is it a comic book origin story, or the twistiest piece of film manipulation since Keyser Soze? You can bet Jim has his theories.

Quick! Show of hands? Who wants to take a guess what format Jim saw Joker in? Give you a hint: there’s a 70 in the answer. And Teal gets to experience Joker in a state-of-the-art theater in Iowa City.

On hand to give a different perspective on the movie, is listener Sarah Bobarah. She’s definitely not shy about wrestling the mic away from Jim and Teal. She may be guilty of drinking a soda with a straw, but that didn’t stop her from enjoying Joker.

SPOILER ALERT!!! This episode contains mountains of spoilers, so if you want to enjoy all the surprises Joker has in store for you, wait until after you’ve seen the movie before listening to this episode.

Oh, and if it sounds like Jim is eating the microphone, there were a few technical hangups to contend with. The good news? There’s less of Jim you have to listen to this episode!!

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