MARVEL WARS: The Scorsese Strikes Back

Scorsese vs. Marvel. Who doesn’t love a little controversy? You know, Jim and Teal do. What do they have to say about Martin Scorsese’s controversial comments regarding Marvel Movies? Are they nothing more than an amusement ride inside a movie theater, or are they worthy of the cinematic stamp of approval? The boys will tell you their thoughts. How many Marvel Bro’s will recommend? Listen and find out.

Come at me, Bro’s!

This episode continues with Jim and Teal’s thoughts on ‘what is cinema?’ And it’s late October, so the boys would be remiss if they didn’t tackle some horror. This episode the focus is on blood-and-gore low-rent cinema master, Herschell Gordon Lewis, and his cult favorite, Blood Feast. It’s playing now on the Criterion Channel, and Jim’s been playing catch up.

Jim and Teal discuss their childhood love for Fangoria, before Jim recalls a movie from 1986 that made him very uncomfortable while watching it in the theater.

This episode features 100% better audio from Jim, than the last episode. So put away the Skeksis, because this time there’s no shrieking to translate.

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