Marriage Story: Are Jim and Teal Splitting Up?

Marriage Story. It’s the new film by director Noah Baumbach. Is it autobiographical? Does it have to be? We’re pretty sure he isn’t the only director in Hollywood whose been through a messy divorce. Any way you slice it, the new Netflix movie is lighting up social media with debate so our two podcasters, Jim and Teal, decide to weigh in.

It had to happen one of these days. There was going to be one episode that found Jim and Teal at major odds with each other over a movie. And it looks like Marriage Story is it. Who loved it and who did not? Are Jim and Teal headed for a podcast divorce?

Okay, so it is not all fisticuffs, but there is definitely a disagreement over Marriage Story. Take a listen and hear where Jim and Teal both stand on Netflix’s latest original offering. One of the best films of the year, or over-rated? You decide.

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