Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. No Time for Haters.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It’s the part 9 of a saga George Lucas promised young fans 42 years ago. Now those younglings are approaching 50. What is a real Star Wars fan, and can this latest installment possibly please anyone? It’s an enormous ask, and an even bigger task. Twitter is split, with a bizarre dark-side sect of tweeters who hate this new film, because it isn’t Last Jedi, a film no fan in their right mind should love. But it is worth discussing.

And discussing is what Jim and Teal love to do. But they recognized their views of the film could be tainted by the mere fact they are the ‘old fans.’ To get a younger perspective, The Willennial joined the boys for this last podcast installment of the 2019 year.

Have yourself a good old-fashioned listen over the holidays, and get Jim, Teal and Willennial’s thoughts on the final piece of the Star Wars puzzle. While no one found the movie perfect, there was no hate for Skywalker in this trio. Who loved it most, and who was just kind of, meh, about it? And what does the movie Hustlers have to do with any of this?

Find out by listening to the episode now. Fair warning, young Jedi learner’s: there are not a ton of spoilers in this episode, but there is enough to make you shout, McClunky!!!! if you listen before seeing the film. So don’t ruin the movie for yourself. Go see Star Wars, and then come back for a chat.

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