Little Women: The Great White Hype

Welcome to 2020! Jim and Teal start the year with a Little Women controversy. Everyone loves the latest adaptation of the literary classic, but is Jim as easily swayed? He’s seen three other adaptations of Little Women, and director Greta Gerwig’s version did not wow him. Are some social media critics pushing an agenda by lavishing heaps of praise on this movie? Take a listen to Jim’s conspiracy theory involving Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.

And why is no one talking about a Hollywood showcase veering away from diversity with this recycled story about white society during the civil war and reconstruction? What daring has Gerwig ventured into with her re-imagining of the text, when all she could imagine is two small speaking parts for African American actors? Jim’s take is this film is a stark reminder of the way Hollywood used to be and wants to be, whenever it can get away with it.

This is How I Win

Although Little Women didn’t float Jim’s boat, Uncut Gems wowed both Jim and Teal. They talk about this film, which has mainstream audiences not nearly as excited as they are with Little Women, but these two critics were all onboard.

It’s Not Always About Quality

What else is in store for the listener this week? Interested in the new Rambo movie? We don’t know why, but Teal will tell you why this 80-minute schlockfest might be worth it if you like your films, dumb and dumber.

Got three hours of your life to spare knowing full well you won’t get them back? Well, Jim has a movie for you. It: Chapter 2. You may have heard its too long and not very good. Now Jim will tell you why it was too long and not very good. It is so bad Jim declares it the worst film of 2019, and he hasn’t even seen Cats.

Enjoy this episode and get ready for an action-packed season of Stuff We’ve Seen with your Tango and Cash of podcasting, Jim and Teal.

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