The Beaver Trilogy: Part IV and Academy Awards of the 2000’s: Part 1

Sometimes the algorithm Gods of Amazon Prime throw one a gem. This week Jim talks about an odd documentary called The Beaver Trilogy: Part 4. It’s a story of a small-time, almost Hollywood director, Trent Harris, and his trilogy of films based on a real-life person he met in Utah in the late 70s. There are plenty of twists and turns in this story, and Jim suggests you seek it out.

Next it is on to more Academy Award nominated Best Picture nominees. This time around Jim and Teal tackle the first decade of the new millennium, but there is so much to say they only get through the first five years. Lots of interesting films nominated, and some shameful omissions, along with some head-scratching Academy picks. Plus, this time around Jim brings some suggestions for each year of movies that might be better than the Academy’s choices.

Lots to unpack with this episode, so don’t delay: get to it, fair movie-lover!

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