I Am Not A Witch: The Return of Carrie and Women Filmmakers

Carrie Chalmers returns for a discussion on several women film directors. First up is Rungano Nyoni’s spellbinding 2017 film, I Am Not A Witch. This semi-satyrical look at women in bondage contains a spellbinding lead performance by Maggie Mutubwa. It is currently playing on The Criterion Channel.

The Assistant, directed by Kitty Green, finds Julia Garner’s recent college graduate working at her dream job in the film production office a powerful film mogul. Over the course of one abusive day at the office, Garner must decide what’s worth more, her dignity or her career? While Jim, Teal and Carrie each had their issues with the movie, they definitely felt there was a lot to talk about.

This month The Criterion Channel features three films by French Film director, Diane Kurys. Jim, Carrie, and Teal all viewed Kury’s first feature, the 1978 coming-of-age film, Peppermint Soda. Then Jim and Carriewatched Kurys’ 1983 film, Entre Nous. This feature has a lot of elements to discuss.

For the final leg of the show, Teal shows his appreciation for the only woman in Oscar history to win Best Director, Kathryn Bigelow. Carrie found herself re-watching The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty with a new appreciation of what traditionally masculine material looks like in the hands of a woman filmmaker.

Lots of laughs and insight packed into this 76 min episode.

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