Investigation of Two Citizens Above Suspicion: The Tale of Prospero’s Books.

The Year was 1992. The place: The Angelika Film Center on the corner of Houston and Mercer. Jim was a senior at NYU, and is his new roommate, Bill, was a junior. An innocent mid-week trip to the Greenwich Village art-house multiplex to see Peter Greenaway’s latest offering, Prospero’s Books took our humble narrators into some uncharted territory. Things started off innocently enough, but soon they’d get a bit hairy.

One this week’s episode of Stuff We’ve Seen, Bill Muir (aka, Bill from Queens) sits in for Teal once again. The goal of this installment was to discuss the films of Mike Leigh, but things quickly got off track with a request from Bill to hear some Jimmy impersonations. Then the Prospero’s Book story kicks in, and well…take a listen and find out.

There is so much to savor in this particular episode that Jim decided to split Bill’s appearance into two-parts. So this week, the offering is the true movie-going tale of Jim and Bill, and two mystery cinema goers. Next week we’ll have part 2 where Jim and Bill discuss Mike Leigh with an extended focus on Another Year and Meantime. So, if you wanted to do some prep work for next week, might we suggest you go to the Criterion Channel, and check out those films before the next show. In the meantime, get ready for another wild tale from the days of Jim’s NYU film experiences.

The Angelika Film center as it looked close to the days when Jim was at NYU.

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