Bring Me the Head of Pamela Voorhees!

Jason’s mom has got it goin’ on in this week’s episode of Stuff We’ve Seen. Hear guest co-host, Michael McQuilkin (co-creator of The Hadron Gospel Hour) spin tales of headless camp menaces, night terrors, and ghost girls who live down wells in this fun discussion about Drive-In movie theaters and Disney kiddy creepfests.  With the sudden resurgence of the Drive-In theaters due to the pandemic shutting all regular movie houses down, this episode is the perfect conversation to get you in the mood for those outdoor screenings.

And, in the spirit of sub genre completionism, Michael and Jim talk about the new Hulu film, Palm Springs, which is the latest time loop comedy offering starring Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti. Does it meet their time loop seal of approval?

What else can we tell you about this week’s episode? Are you a fan of Walt Disney’s cheesy selection of 1970s films for kids? Well, we got a good one for you– 1978’s Child of Glass. Check out film reviewer, Jess Lambert’s deep-dive review of the movie, and then have a listen to Michael and Jim’s obsession with this Wonderful World of Disney television classic.

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