Live From New York…It’s Bill From Queens

This week finds Teal on assignment. Is he working on Kanye West’s campaign? If so, he could be gone for the long haul. Or, he could be back next week. So who did Jim find to take Teal’s place on the mic? Filling in this week is Bill from Queens. Longtime listener, first time guest host–Bill Muir.

Bill and Jim have a long history, and they share some of that on the podcast. Bill also dabbled in filmmaking in the mid 90s, and Jim pokes his nose into that history too.

Then its on to movies. Bill and Jim discuss the Tom Hanks WW2 action pic, Greyhound, streaming on Apple +. 

So much to discuss in one show Jim knows Bill will need to return to talk about everything he wants to discuss with him.

And don’t miss Jim’s new segment, Did She Deserve it? Where Jim asks the very important question–did Meryl Streep really deserve all of those 21 Oscar nominations? 

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