Meryl Streep and The Academy vs. Jimmy and Billy.

Meryl Streep. The grand dame of cinema, and the actor with the single greatest number of Oscar nominations. But with 21 nods and three wins under her belt, Jimmy and his guest Billy ask the question–did she deserve it? Was every one of those performances worthy of Academy Award consideration? Several episodes ago, Jimmy started this bit with Bill. They reviewed the first couple of nominations for Meryl Streep, and they both determined that they were, indeed, worthy. But now they’re back for a complete look at the remainder of Streep’s 21 performances.

There are the classics from Out of Africa, to Cry in the Dark, to the iconic (Devil Wears Prada and The Iron Lady), and the ones we forget she even made (Music From the Heart.) 21 performances in all. Find out which ones Jimmy and Billy think were worth award consideration, and which ones they felt robbed more deserving candidates in a particular year. Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts on which Streep performances get your seal of approval and which ones don’t.

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