Jess Lambert Sees Every Disney Movie Ever!

Jess Lambert is on a quest. Her mission is to see every Disney movie ever made. And we’re not just talking Disney animated films, or all their theatrical releases. We mean Every. Disney. Movie. Ever! Every made for television film. Every straight to home video release. Every Disney film period. Well, not Touchstone films, but that’s a different story.

When Jim and Teal started Stuff We’ve Seen, the purpose was to talk about the film experience, and their hope was to get the opportunity to interview people with interesting film obsessions; those who like to go down completionist rabbit holes like they do. Well, call this episode a success, because Jess is taking on the Mount Everest of film challenges, and four years in, she’s about halfway there.

Take a listen to this cool episode and hear Jess’ story. And please check out her youtube channel

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