All The Great Movies: Spotlight on 1993.

Guess who’s back, kids? That’s right. The man of mystery himself, Teal, returns to the mic for this exciting episode. This week Jim and Teal welcome their guest, Eric Jason Gray to the program. By day Gray is a finance guy, but by night he is a movie fan. He combined his passion for film with his love of spreadsheets into compiling lists of the best films from various years in movie history.

What started as a list quickly grew into an idea: Curate these films, and his thoughts about them, onto Instagram. Gray’s Instagram page is AllTheGreatMovies and there people can follow along as he examines a particular year in film.

Currently, Gray’s focus is on the year 1993, and what a superb time for film that was. Jim and Teal have lots to discuss, and they have quite a few suggestions for Gray as well. He planned on doing 29 movies for this year, but by the time Jim and Teal get through with him, who knows how long that list will be.

Get set for a walk down film history lane with this movie-packed episode. Enjoy!

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