An Interview with Galen Howard: Actor and Cult Movie Enthusiast.

Galen Howard is a character actor. He’s got more than 100 different credits to his name. Everything from shorts to videos, TV and movies. This is a guy who likes to get involved with stuff. And that goes for podcasts. He checked out Stuff We’ve Seen, and asked if we’d be interested in him coming onto the show. Absolutely. Make that double absolutely.

Jim dives into Galen’s start as a movie-loving teen from Davis, CA. What was the film that changed it all for him? Well…we’ll save that for the podcast, but I will give you a hint- The Dude Abides.

Howard is instantly recognizable with his signature mustache, and you may find yourself wondering, where have I seen this guy before? Well…he gets around. From Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling video to the latest video from Disclosure, Energy Howard is ready to take on your project.

And Jim has a few Galen Howard casting suggestions for Hollywood, which he shares throughout the episode.

This is a great opportunity to hear a little bit about what its like out there in tinsel town from a working actor. And then, what’s even more fun–Jim and Galen talk about movies. Howard is a cult movie fan, and this is music to Jim’s ears. Hear what they have to say about some of those movies made for die-hard fans of alt-tilt cinema.

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