Stuff We’ve Seen’s Film School for Fourteen Year Olds

Jim and Teal have kids in high-school now. But what do fourteen year olds want to watch? And what films should they watch? Stuff We’ve Seen puts together a slew of films that today’s youth should view, plus they talk about some movies that are current favorites of their teenage kids.

What else? One of the greats of cinema, Jean-Luc Godard is no more. There is so much to say about this filmmaker that Jim and Teal plan to do a Godard-focused episode in a few weeks. But for now, get set to dive into the world of a teenager, and hear about a lot of films your kids may be watching, or maybe should be.

2023 Academy Awards Nominatons Stuff We’ve Seen

We do it every year on Oscar Nominations day. Jim and Teal break down all the award nominees, from the surprises (Andrea Riseborough anyone?) to the expected (many awards for Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.) Catch all the fun as Jim reveals the nominations to Teal, who kept radio silence until the moment of taping.    Let us know if there were any surprises or omissions that shocked you.
  1. 2023 Academy Awards Nominatons
  2. Spielboctagon Three: The Final Battle
  3. Back in the Spielboctagon
  4. The Fabelmans: Steven Spielberg Gets Personal
  5. Fascism on Film: The Mortal Storm and A Special Day


    1. We are here to serve you, Andrew Parry. Keep those recommendations coming. We’re always up for an Andrew Parry film challenge.

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