More Films for Your Teenager to See

Teal and Jim are back with a bunch of films your film-loving teenager should check out. Lots of past, and modern-day movie classics to watch, plus some hidden gems and everything in between. If your teenager loves movies, then get ready because we have a ton of recommendations. And hey, this list isn’t just for teens. You may find a few items on our list that are waiting for your viewing. Some of these titles could just be your next favorite movie.

Easter Films: Jim and Teal Get Biblical Stuff We’ve Seen

That's right, all your Easter favorites, from Ben-Hur and The King of Kings, to Passion of the Christ and The Last Temptation of Christ, Jim and Teal cover the films that make springtime, springtime. Get ready for J&T's version of Sunday school where minister Jim teaches Teal a thing or two about the New Testament.
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