Waiting for Godard

Jean-Luc Godard (1930-2022), the enfant terrible of French cinema is no more. But the legend lives. This week Jim and Teal pay tribute to the man who changed cinema forever with a trip down a fantastic film world of color, sound, intricate framing, and bizarre edits. They’ve been busy watching a dozen Godard films and are excited to tell you about them.

During their discussion, Jim and Teal take listeners through all the well-known Godard features, Breathless, Alphaville, Week-end, Pierrot le Fou, Contempt, A Woman is a Woman and some of his lesser-known films like Made in U.S.A. and The Image Book. This undertaking proves one is never too old to discover or rediscover Godard. Whether you’re new to Jean-Luc or have been a fan for years, this tribute episode may get you subscribing to the Criterion Channel to watch some of his works. You can now stream most of these films on the Criterion Channel.

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