80s Horror – A Trip Through Criterion Channel’s Horror Lineup.

Hey, all you Ghouls and Goblins, it’s horror month. That’s right, it’s that magical time of year when Jim and Teal indulge in horror movies. And this month the Criterion Channel put together a lineup of 30 movies from the 1980s to scare us. Well…let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Few of these movies are actually scary, but they are inventive, some are hilarious, and there is always an interesting moment or two to be found.

While Jim and Teal grew up in the 80s, and were big horror fans at the time, Criterion still found a way to surprise us with some obscure titles, several which they’ve never seen, and some they’ve never heard before.

Pretty quick during this week’s episode, Jim and Teal realized there may be too many 80s Horror films to talk about on just one episode, so they plan to come back for a second horror-themed discussion soon.

Hidden gems you say? Absolutely. Both Jim and Teal were pleasantly surprised by the absurd schlock horror hilarity of director Frank Henenlotter. His film Brain Damage, sent Jim and Teal down a bit of a Henenlotter rabbit hole of gory guilty pleasures.

If you are looking for some horror recommendations to watch before the season is over, definitely take a listen to the episode.

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