2022: The Year of Horror

2022 has something to offer all horror movie fans: from Halloween Ends to Barbarian, Smile, and the Hellraiser reboot this year is a fantastic one to remember what we love about going to the movies, getting scared.

On the last episode Jim and Teal focused on The Criterion Channel’s 80s Horror movie series. This week they switch gears a bit to focus on some of the recent 2022 offerings, including the surprise hit, Barbarian, and the conclusion to the rebooted Halloween franchise, Halloween Ends. Let the Corey Cunningham debate commence!!

Also on this episode:

  • Teal explores the role of evil in Halloween ends
  • Pearl could be your next cult favorite
  • Jim wonders if band nerds are the next high school bully on the block
  • Teal unveils a Finnish hidden gem, Hatching
  • Jim approves of the new Hellraiser movie
  • Jim and Teal give high marks to Barbarian’s Justin Long for his surprise turn in the horror suspense Air BnB movie that delivers the thrills
  • A round up of final thoughts on the Criterion Channel’s 80s Horror playlist

It’s all waiting for you on the podcast. So, grab some headphones and dive in.

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