Trouble in Mind: Neo Noir Part 3

Jimmy, Billy, and the rabbit are all back for this third installment of Stuff We’ve Seen’s look at the Criterion Channel’s Neo Noir Series. Picking up where they left off in part 2, Jimmy and Billy begin with 1978’s Laura Mars. And next making their way into the 80s, it’s anyone’s guess how far they’ll get, but one thing is for sure: there will be a part 4! From the gritty Noir 70s to the Neon 80s, this week’s installment shows the bridge between the two decades with films such as The Onion Field and Cutter’s Way mixing it up with extravagance and the hype style of Eyes of Laura Mars and Trouble in Mind. There are some genre classics that stick to the tropes of noir even as they subvert them, like Lawrence Kasdan’s, Body Heat and Stephen Frear’s, the Hit. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some Jimmy, Billy, and Billy’s rabbit.