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Bottoms is Tops

This week, Bottoms is top of the heap in terms of movies to watch. But we have lots more. Oh, lots more.

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2022: The Year of Horror

If a Skarsgard answers the door to your Air BnB, do you walk inside? The answer is probably no. But come inside the new Stuff We’ve Seen episode for some 2022 horror delights.

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Army of the Dead

This week James and Teal take a rabid bite out of crime with Army of the Dead, and they pay tribute to the late, great, Charles Grodin. Love that chicken Pepperoni!

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The Boy Downstairs – A widescreen comedy disaster

Jim here, you all know me. You know how I earn a livin’. Always on the hunt for a film that breaks Jimmy’s cardinal sin, one shot in the wrong aspect ratio! Okay, so film is a subjective medium, and I guess it is a filmmaker’s call to decide what aspect ratio their movie should appear. But I find, time and time again, filmmakers these days tend to lean on the widescreen 2.35:1 format as if the ghost of David Lean were guiding their independent film epic.

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Nomadland and Possessor Uncut.

This week film reviews of Nomadland, Possessor, Judas and The Black Messiah, and Sia’s Music. Which one will be on Jim’s list of all-time worst movies? Have a listen and find out.

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Jim and Teal Double Down on De Palma.

From the telepathy craze of the late 70s, to the problematic themes of Dressed to Kill, De Palma always stays true to his obsessions, and camera moves. Jim and Teal take an extended look at the films of Brian De Palma. You are just one click away.

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Portrait of a Lady on Fire

This week Jim and Teal recommend you get that free 7-Day trial of Hulu started so you can check out the new masterpiece from director Celine Sciamma, Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

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Break out the Doritos!

What are your favorite cheesy movies? Jim and Teal’s latest episode dives into the junk food of cinema–Doritos movies. Listen now!

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Born on The Fourth of July – Teal to The Rescue

The film school at NYU has, or had, a long break between the fall and spring semesters. Depending on when one finished up with finals & projects there could be an entire month before spring classes began. Most years I was begging to go back to New York City by the time the spring semester rolled around. It was always fun to catch up with old friends, and this particular winter break my roommate freshman year at USC, Darin, came to visit me between Christmas and New Years’.

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The Criterion Channel is back, baby!

Jim and Teal salute the return of the Criterion Channel (streaming service starts April 8th) with an episode dedicated to some of the finest films ever made. Our two trusty podcasters each share their own Criterion top ten lists. Jim’s list focuses on a selection of films he hopes you check out when the Criterion Channel comes back. Teal provides a list of 10 films he cannot wait to rewatch once the Criterion Channel re-emerges.

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Doppelgänger a Go-go: Jim and Teal Discuss “Us” with Millennial Will

Don’t go down an abandoned subway terminal until you hear our latest episode. Jim and Teal tackle the new box office horror hit sensation, Us. Are there theories and secrets to unlock, or is this film just smoke and mirrors?

Joining the discussion is listener of the show, Millennial Will. Do old timers Jim and Teal stand a chance against the younger generation? You decide.

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The Great Cate Haight

Jim and Teal are back hosting an exclusive interview with Emmy-nominated film and television editor, Catherine Haight. Catherine’s credits include editing work on Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle and New Girl. She is also the editor of films such as Afternoon Delight, Polka King, Puzzle, and the upcoming comedy, Troop Zero.

Listen in to Catherine tell Jim and Teal about her film influences, her journey from production assistant to full-time film editor, and how she exercises her craft.

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Luke Perry and the Epic Tale of Seeing The Doors

What does the passing of Luke Perry have to do with the 1991 Oliver Stone classic, The Doors? Let’s listen in as Jim and Teal make the connection for us. They take you back to March 1st, 1991, and opening day of The Doors at the legendary Ziegfeld Theater in NYC. What starts out as an innocent trip uptown, becomes a film endurance test.

After the story, stay tuned as Jim catches up with a Teal recommendation, Blue Ruin. It’s another revenge-thriller. Will Jim rise from the ashes and give it a thumb’s up? Listen and find out!

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Jim’s Top Ten Films of 2018

For one reason or another, I was able to see a good chunk of 2018 movies, and I feel confident enough to throw down a top ten list. Films are subjective, and lists are arbitrary. Even in my final decisions, the order changes daily. Sometimes my initial reaction to a movie I’ve seen increases days after the viewing, and other times it wanes. Talk to me in a year from now, and two or three films I’ve yet to catch up on might easily replace titles on the list you are about to receive.

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That’s Amore! Pt 2

In the epic conclusion of our 2-part Valentine’s Day episode, Teal spins a tale of Much Ado About Nothing with a Russian Doll twist. Then it’s time for more of Teal’s alternative Valentine’s Day viewing choices. Next up, Jim pulls out another gem from his NYU rom/com basket, and tells a movie date story from the fall of 1990. Can romance be created from watching an animated Disney classic? You’ll have to listen for yourself to find out. Finally, the fun winds down with a couple of final Valentine’s Day movie picks from Teal; for those who are comfortable in their relationship status to handle them. You may know the password for admittance, but do you know the password for the house?

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Velvet Buzzsaw Will Kill You!

I am a Jake Gyllenhaal completionist and really have no choice but to watch his new films. Sometimes this is a joy, and sometimes you end up watching Life, or Stronger, and hoping the material will live up to his performance. If it wasn’t for Gyllenhaal, and Jim hounding me about seeing it, I never would have watched Velvet Buzzsaw, but I did.

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That’s Amore! Pt 1

Love is in the air! Jim and Teal have caught the fever, and the only prescription is a Valentine’s Day-themed episode. Who knew these two could be so sentimental?

Teal kicks off the action with a set of movie recommendations for this Valentine’s Day, and his choices are anything but conventional. Next up is Jim. Follow his romantic entanglements as Jim plays raconteur, and tells a tale from his Sophomore year at NYU. What surprising double-bill plays background for a surprise first date?

This is a love-soaked episode so filled with mush, Jim and Teal need two episodes to do it. Catch part 2 later in the week, but enjoy the nostalgia memories of part 1 now! Enjoy all you love birds and hopeless romantics!

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The Empire Strikes Back in a Big Way

Jim’s Adventures in 70mm:

In the spring of 1980, as it was practice for many kids my age, I counted the days until the release of the second Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back. At least one to two hours each day was devoted to thoughts of the new Star Wars film dancing through the daydreams of my ten-year-old brain. Star Wars was personal love affair for me at the time, as I am sure it was for plenty of other children. But I knew I was the number-one Star Wars fan in the world, and George Lucas was making this film to please me.

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The Shape of Things to Come

Jim and Teal host their first episode guest, Bill from Queens. Bill recounts some childhood film experiences, and then the three tackle the latest Michael

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The Oscar Nominees

Jim and Teal go through the list of every Oscar nominee in every category, and they are not shy about telling you what they think.

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Mother! May I?

Jim and Teal discuss several films this week, including: Blade Runner 2049, Bad Times at the El Royale, Support the Girls, The Guilty, Killing of

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The Bird Is The Word

Jim and Teal kick off 2019 with a discussion of the Netflix sensation, Birdbox. They also discuss a polarizing 2018 horror/thriller offering, Hereditary.  *Warning!* This

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The Great Shame

Jim and Teal end 2018 with a discussion of Boots Riley’s film, Sorry To Bother You. After that, it’s confession time. Listen as Jim and

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Into The Time Loop

In this episode Teal makes Jim relive one of his most traumatic film experiences. After that, Teal and Jim go down the sub-genre film completionist

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Surrender Dorothy

Jim and Teal get off track right away, and delve into the merits of All That Jazz. Next up, Jim and Teal discuss the 1980s

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Revenge of Peter Hyams

Reviews of A Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody on this episode. Plus, all the Peter Hyams action you can handle. Venture forth, listener!

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Recalling Horror Classics

News about the demise of a cherished film resource sidetrack Jim and Teal before they delve into their childhood experiences seeing a couple of horror

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